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Important Safety Information

We would like to refresh our Clients and families on some of our operating standards.  These are about safety for everyone.

From our facilities at Trafalgar Street Manly, we sail specially designed two person Access 303 dinghies and our yacht "Faith", so that people with disability can enjoy the sport of sailing.  We use specially engineered cranes and slings to enable us winch people (who need more assistance) into our dinghies.

Our dinghies carry an international certification maximum weight limit of 160kgs (up to two persons).  Our cranes are rated to a maximum loading limit of 120kgs per person. For legal reasons and for the wellbeing of you, our clients and our volunteers, we must follow these limits.   It is necessary for Sailability to be advised if a client's weight exceeds 100kg

If your client does have a weight issue, please discuss with us at the time of registration so we can determine the best sailing experience for them.

We thank you for your understanding.

T0 the minute

Sailability Bayside Turned 20 in June this year.   We have had 20 fun filled years providing sailing Experiences for many thousands of Sailor Clients.  There have also been a large number of Volunteers donate their time over these years and we thank them all.

Term 3 is now coming to a close - last sailing dates are Monday 11th September and Thursday 14th September 2023

Term 4 

Term 4  - Last sailing days are  - Monday 4th and Thursday 11 December

All sailing is by appointment only.  

There are no set sailing times for Dinghy sailing.  Sailing commences at 9am and the latest registration time is 12 midday.

You must still nominate a time for Sailing on Faith.

Bookings for Term 1 2024 will open after then New Year.
An email will be sent advising when Volunteers are available to take your bookings.

Please provide the following information:
Client Name,
Phone and email address - (Parent, Guardian or care centre)
The day you want to sail  -  Monday or Thursday
The boat you want to book for sailing  -  Dinghy or Yacht Faith
The sailing time:  Dinghy  -  open  
     9.30, 10.30, 11.30 and 12.30pm

There is no parking on our premises and parking in our sailing vicinity is limited so please factor time to find a park into your arrival time.   Sailability grounds are for DROP OFF AND PICK UP only. No Vehicles are to be left unattended on our grounds.

Please remember that Sailability is run by Volunteers who give their time freely to help people living with disability have an enjoyable experience.  Please be respectful of our Volunteers.




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